Immerse Yourself

Our Mission

Deliver a Highly Realistic “Immersive” Experience for the participant, one that would remain positively memorable for many years to come.

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Acura Case

Powered in part by the user’s brainwaves and biometrics

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Volkswagen Case

4D traveling inside the Volkswagen’s TSi Motor Engine

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Our Advantages

Our innovative Motion Platform offers a unique combination of advantages that is unmatched by our competitors. The Motion Sphere technology generates powerful acceleration and Gforces together with realistic motion and sensations, providing the rider an unforgettable experience – yet does so within a small, fully-mobile, and low cost platform, not available anywhere else in the market. Our patented design offers numerous advantages over competitors, including:

Innovative Motion Platform

Disruptive design and mechanical project of Motion Sphere is the key to our differentials!

Highly Realistic Simulations

Refresh rates at 5 ms, causes the platform to swivel and rotate, which means we update the sphere’s positions more than 200 times per second to be fully synchronized with video and sound, delivers unprecedentedly realistic sensations.

Powerful G Forces - Up to 7 G

Its spherical design and simultaneous rotation allows Motion Sphere to generate powerful G forces – of up to 7 G’s – using low-power engines, through its exclusive belt transmission system.

Six Degrees of Freedom

“Degrees of freedom” refers to the kinds of movements a motion platform/simulator can generate.
The Motion Sphere platform allows for linear movement sensations in all three axes (back and forward, right and left, and up and down) as well as rotational movements sensations along all three axes (roll/pitch/yaw).
By comparison, most other motion platforms can provide movements and sensations from only 2 or 3, degrees of freedom.
Together with the “Hexapod” (a 40 year-old machine) and the “Robot Arm” (a 30 year-old apparatus), both of which are large, immobile and extremely expensive, Motion Sphere belongs to the very exclusive “6 DoF” sensations club of simulators.


The small size and structure of the Motion Sphere platform allows it to be moved quickly and easily from one site to another, without having to disassemble and then reassemble the machine, and avoiding expensive labor and transportation expenses.
Simply plug the platform into a power outlet and it’s ready to go.

Small Spaces

Thanks to its small dimensions, an 11ft x 11ft area is all that is needed for the Motion Sphere to deliver a remarkable, premium rider experience – allowing the platform to be used in almost any setting, from exhibits to fairs, amusement parks to malls.

Immersive Experiences

Along with the motion platform, Motion Sphere creates realistic environments inside the machine, such as Formula 1 and airplane cockpits, or using real car interiors or actual motorcycles; and when combined with VR glasses, 4D elements or cutting-edge visuals, completely immerses the participant in the activity – as if they were actually there.

Low Cost

Motion Sphere low costs comparing with the competitors, even considering low scale productions.
In case of mass production, the costs are comparable with the 2 and 3 DoF platforms!


Let's put together: Innovation, 6DoF sensations, Powerful G Forces, Realistic Sensations, Fitting in Small Spaces, Mobility and Low Cost.
That is the recipe to Scale and spread premium immersive experiences all around the world!