Check out our Experiences

Feel the Motion inside the Sphere

Extreme Sports

Feel the adrenaline rush as you pilot a Motorcyle in Grand Prix style or drive a Stock Car in a Nascar Speedway.

High Velocity

Break through your own limits as you zip around extremely tight turns at near top speed.

Arena E-Sports

Our technology allows for multiple machines to be interconnected simultaneously. Thus creating a multiple player event with a few or many participants, competing real-time (even if separated geographically) against one another.

Car Racing

Dive deep into the VR world of Car racing. Experience the highest level of professional competition while being in the driving seat of a Formula 1 or Stock Car.

Moto Racing

Put on your racing helmet and take part in a Grand Prix Road Circuit. Pilot a premier class GP Motorcycle and feel the gravity pull as you skid through tight turns.


Immerse yourself into complex and ever-changing fluid environments. Traverse Time and Space as you speed through portals leading to another dimension.


Try out our Snowboard Experience. Increase your skills as you slide down the slope with dexterity and finish the course off with a Nollie Jump.

Spaceship Battle

Engage in Space-based Fleet battles where you fight for survival. Travel through Wormholes and pilot your ship pass Asteroid Fields while fending off enemy Smugglers.


Take control and insert yourself into the field of view of a Drone. Experience the floating sensation while taking aerial shots of the landscape bellow.


Re-create aircraft flight and the environment in which flies through. Grab your pilot helm and take command of your airplane towards Mach Speed.

On the Water Racing

Test your Sailing prowess and human endeavor. Grab the steering wheel and race into the depths of the ocean as you clash and break through the waves.

Wingsuit flying

Put on a Wingsuit and take on a skydiving experience. Glide through mountains as you pass through clouds and wind currents.